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Innovative fully centralized automated vacuum waste and linen collection system base on “smart-management”.
We provide a fully engineered and customized solution that matches the customer needs keeping into consideration the main important features.

Brain Tools Italy uses a real time feedback signals to segregate between the different categories of waste as well as the linen and assures no mixture for waste to linen and visa versa if needed.
It does not depend on time control which an open loop system and not closed. The system when its configured as color segregation uses two cameras to identify and validate the type of waste and doesn’t depend on time. 

Nevertheless, the time is used for error detection.
Moreover, the system can be reconfigured using RFID/GPS system which can be used to track waste, linen, containers, trucks and even personnel.
In fact in Brain Tools Italy we start from where others finish and completed the portrait for the whole transfer which we call (HCMTR) Hospital Container Waste Treatment Route.

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