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Developed to help people in different fields to keep easy the management of the complex systems so that the personnel can dedicate more time for more important subjects while our SmartMaster will make their daily work automatically.
 BTIOS  BT Industrial Operating System for automation processes aiming to optimize development time and facilitating the control process provided by PLC-control systems, keeping same safe and high industrial profiles.

 BT VSPM – BT Virtual Spare Parts and Maintenance System is a dedicated customizable shared data base used as warehouse control system for spare parts management, which can be acceded by the end-user (upon the allowance of the manufacturer) in order to verify and order the necessary spare parts for maintenance and reparation.

 BT EasySafe – Top level filter of permissions and accesses (bar code reader, magnetic, finger print, eye-scan, voice recognition). Your best security assistant.

 BT RMS  BT Remote Maintenance System is a system which can be used for interaction between the end-user and manufacturer or its maintenance network using multi-media in order to reduce the cost of the technicians travel, to decrease the time of the response for maintenance and to guarantee the good training to the staff of the end-user.

 BT 4DTrace is a dedicated system for the equipment and tools tracking, based on radio-frequency identification cart. Every tool / equipment can be equipped with one card which allows the system to track online the location of this tool / equipment. Moreover outside the location the system is able to track the equipment using Google Earth as well as GPS satellites communication. The system is also able to advise the best routs for delivering of some equipment (example: sterilized equipment from central sterilization center towards a certain hospital or medical center).

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