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Here you can find the services that Brain Tools is ready to offer you

Research and Development
 market and competitors study;
 new product / system definition;
 new Ideas Introduction;
 technology Integration;
 design of new intelligent device / system through mechanical, electrical, electronic and software  
development and engineering drawings.
 production compatibility;
 project Management;
 prototype Follow up;
 production start-up and flow definition.
Manufacturing activity can be specified as following: 
 design and manufacturing of machinery, equipment, devices, control units and their parts;
 design and construction of plants and their parts, whether industrial or not, for "turnkey" solutions for automated batching plants such as cement, fertilizers and poultry feed, and customized advanced irrigation systems for green houses, landscape, sport cities, open play grounds and stadiums.

Testing is performed by means of planning and following up of different activities connected to testing, inspection, measurement and validation of the products and systems, as well as advising and providing proper validation devices.

Marketing and Sales include:
 company and product images creation can be explained in development and management of necessary tools and channels for best positioning on the market using different media tools such as websites, social networks set up and management, advertising videos, catalogues, gadgets, as well as exhibitions and promotional events preparation;
 internationalization and businesses localization concretizes in company and product positioning, market definition, strategy definition and planning, local partners research, assistance in negotiations and contracts.

The sales and marketing activity for Medical axis:
Maintenance and post-supply assistance
Despite standard maintenance services, Brain Tools provides its own Remote Maintenance System which can be customized according to the application.
The Smart Managers were developed to help the people in different fields to keep easy the management of the complex systems so that the personnel can dedicate more time for more important subjects while our Smart Managers will make their daily work automatically. They include BTIOS (BT Industrial Operating System), BT RMS (BT Remote Maintenance System), BT VSPMS (BT Virtual Spare Parts and Maintenance System), BT EasyTrack (tracking system for  the equipment), BT EasySafe (Top level filter of permissions and accesses using bar code reader, magnetic, finger print, eye-scan, voice recognition etc.).).

Training is performed on-site and remotely, and includes study and explanation of the technical documentation, user documentation, maintenance documentation, software and practical skills development.

Consultancy, in base of the application, can be specified as following
 Technical consultancy;
 Hospital consultancy;

 Education consultancy.


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