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An international scientific seminar entitled “ADVANCING ONCOLOGY WITH BRACHYTHERAPY AND AUTOLOGOUS VACCINE INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES”, which took place 24/05/2017 at the Le Meridien Hotel, Amman, Jordan, was organized to keep up with utmost international scientific development and serve our community in such a critical topic as cancer treatment.
The seminar was dedicated to the latest technological achievements in cancer treatment from theoretical and practical point of view, as well as maturated experience sharing from a selection of highly specialized doctors who have been implementing these techniques for several years and successfully treating thousands of patients.

The seminar was organized for practicing doctors as well as representatives of the Ministries of Health and decision makers from main healthcare facilities in Middle East and North Africa, who can make significant change in patient treatment, recovery perspective and quality of life. The seminar also provided technological overview, products presentation, case studies as well as cost efficiency and investment benefits projection.

The two Jordanian companies of Brain Tools and Hijaz Medical, representatives of the Russian international company BEBIG and Biopremes Ltd. held a scientific conference in the LE MERIDIEN Hotel from 9 am to 6 pm, specialized in the treatment of prostate, liver and breast cancer diseases by the latest international methods.
The conference will include a group of doctors representing all health sectors in Jordan from the Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services, King Hussein Cancer Center, Jordan University Hospital, King Founding Hospital, Prince Hamzah Center Hospital and the private sector who specialize in interventional radiology ,radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, blood diseases and those who interested in those sectors.

The conference will discuss many cases and methods of treatment and it will host a group of scientists and specialists in the field to provide papers and the presentation of research, studies and methods of treatment for the most important cases.
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