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A two independent monitors PC based automatic irrigation system that has the ability to control and monitor the water quality used to irrigate special types of grass used in open areas such as sport cities. 
EasyGreen monitors the pressure of the main line through pressure switches as well as sensors, water levels in main tanks through level switches and sensors, water flow through a digital flow meter, and the most important the pH (-log[H+]) which indicates the trend of water to be acid, and it uses an analogue signal controlled rate dose pump to inject acids in accordance to a well designed and implemented PID algorithm to keep water as close as the pH needed for grass which is usually less than 7.0 (distilled water). 
Furthermore, EasyGreen controls the level of fertilizers to be injected inside water using another controlled dose pump, keeping the TDS level in the pre-set value.

 EasyGreen is upgraded to measure the true values in the soil, makes use of the drainage water, can be connected to a clean solar cells energy source and can control other variables like temperature and humidity in case of Green Houses, as well as weather station control and monitor.
Brain Tools COLUMBUS System
EasyGreen is a serious try to create a Green Mate for your irrigation needs through sparing the energy and water. 
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