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Consultancy, in base of the application, can be specified as following:
Technical consultancy consists of:

 execution of feasibility studies, research and development, consulting, design and construction management, evaluations of technical, economic and environmental impact studies;
 integrated technical services of surveyors, engineers and architects and technical consultants;
 industrial design and engineered design and consulting activities related to machinery, industrial activities, projects related to civil engineering, hydraulics, irrigation, transport, water, electricity, electronics, security systems, monitoring, tracking and satellite tracking, radio frequency and similar;
 creation, customization and integration of software and other systems of control management for various applications;
 customized General Operating System which can replace traditional PLC systems and integrate easily to open Web;
 services in the field of testing, inspection, measurement and validation of the product and system.
Hospital consultancy includes different kind of services:

 hospital and medical planning;
 infection control solution including sterilization, disinfection equipment and infectious waste treatment;
 pre-studies based on the site surveys, infrastructure and functionality evaluation, risk analysis and risk prevention development plan, design from A to Z of special purpose clinics as a part of its vision in turnkey solution, BoQ and room-by-room layout, medical devices validation and preparation for accreditation and operational certification, staff training and skills development;
 Hospital Information System (HIS), RFID and GPS solutions for medical and laboratory applications, 
 patient safety studies;
 special set up planning such as steam cells bank,  blood bank, operating theatres, laboratories;
 specifications preparation;
 procurement process.
Education consultancy is performed by training and re-training of personnel, qualification of personnel, as well as automated education tools creation and definition to be used as part of the new world e-learning model.

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